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Ingham County


Welcome to the Ingham County Democratic Party 

Join us in fighting for; a strong middle-class, fair wages, social equality, and protecting the environment.

Saturday, August 24  4:30 pm - 10pm

The Lansing Shuffle will be THE place to go after the Convention, and for our Capital area supporters to come out for some fun and support a good cause.

Lansing Shuffle is located just steps from the Lansing Center, where the MDP State Convention will be held. 

Defender of Democracy Sponsor        $5,000

Fish Ladder Sponsor                                   $1,000

River Trail Sponsor                                       $500

REO Town Sponsor                                        $250

Dinner Ticket                                                  $50
receive a $20 reusable gift card to use at any of the 7 restaurants and 2 bars and a drink ticket

Proceeds will be used for our critical operations especially on MSU campus, but across Ingham County. Checks should be made out to the Ingham County Democratic Party, and you can also pay at the door. 

If you want to RSVP online to our PAC, visit


If you want to mail your check or pay at the door, please RSVP at

Ingham County Democratic Party mailing address is PO BOX 41333 Lansing MI 48901 .

If you want to donated to our Admin account for our party building activities which can accept corporate donations,




ONE Campaign
(Elect Harris, Senate, Congress, State House and entire Dem Slate)

East Lansing Office

1400 Abbot Rd,  Suite 160, East Lansing , 48823

(same office as Slotkin 2022 campaign, just north of former Reno's East on Saginaw Hwy. on CATA Route #26) 

Office Hours:

Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays
10am - 8pm

Saturdays 9am - 7pm

Sundays  Noon - 8pm 
Not open on Tuesday and Wednesdays


Office Contact:  Regional Director Noah Purdy

The One Campaign are organizing door knocking, phone bank and text almost every day that they are open.. 
See upcoming volunteer opportunities at

Ingham County Democratic Party

3rd Wed of Month at Fiesta Charra

Fiesta Charra Eastwood
2706 Lake Lansing Rd, Lansing, MI 48912

(across from Eastwood Towne Center)

Click here to see agenda and sign up to become a member

ICDP  Mailing Address: 

PO Box 14333, Lansing MI 48901

(313) 936-0785

Committees Meeting Info -
to sign up to join a committee visit

Communications Committee - Chair: Chris Andrews           As needed

Special Events and Fundraising  Contact Jan Bidwell          As needed

Elections Committee - Chair Tirstan Walters                        As Needed - Contact 

DEI Committee - Chair: Sidney Sauseda II                              Second Tuesdays at 5:30pm at Fiesta Charra East Towne   


Org Committee - Chair: Karl Sime                                           As Needed

Finance Committee - Treasurer Christina Lawrence            As needed

Districts for 2022-2030

Ingham County Commission Districts Effective for 2022 Elections

Congressional, State Senate and State Representative District

Register_to_Vote_Badge online claear bac
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